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S.No G.O/Lr.No- Dated Subject
1 G.O.M.S No 165 Abstract of Go-165 dated 30.08.2010 Providing compassionate ground appointments to the daughter of the deceased government servant - married after the date of application
2 Government letter No. 19205/Q1/20010-2 Labour and Employement dated 03.08.2010 Clarification regarding the format of checklist in which the proposals for compassionate ground appointments have to be sent.
3 Government letter No. 86 /Q1 /2010 Labour and Employement dated 04.05.2010 Clarification regarding receipt of applications and prescribing minimum age for compassionate ground appointments.
4 Government letter No.37455/Q2/2009-3 Labour and Employement dated 28.04.2010 Clarification to whom compassionate ground appointments can be given.( Definition for the term "Near relative" )
5 Government letter No. 4 /Q1 /2010 Labour and Employement dated 11.01.2010 Clarification regarding consolidated certificate issued to the family of deceased in connection with compassionate ground appointments.
6 Government letter No. 3 /Q1 /2010 Labour and Employement dated 11.01.2010 Clarification regarding certificates issued by the revenue authorities of other districts in connection with compassionate ground appointments.
7 G.O.M.S No 10 Abstract of Go-10 dated 13.02.2009 Retirement on medical invalidation- Compassionate ground appointments
8 G.O.M.S No 216 Abstract of Go-216 dated 15.11.2007 Inter departmental compassionate appointments in 'C' and 'D' category posts where adequate vacancy is not available- Instructions.
9 Government letter No. 202 Labour and Employement dated 08.10.2007 Instruction regarding prescribing of time limit to submit the applications for compassionate ground appointments.
10 G.O.M.S No 42 Abstract of Go-42 dated 12.03.2007 Recommendations of the staff commitee for Appointment on compassionate grounds
11 G.O.M.S No 54 Abstract of Go-54 dated 23.05.2006 Issue of consolidated certificate by the Tahsildar for appointment on compassionate grounds
12 G.O.M.S No 34 Labour and Employement Letter (MS) No-3 dated 16.04.2002 Clarification regarding children born through the second marriage / wife.
13 G.O.M.S No 120 Labour and Employement dated 26.06.1995 Compassionate ground appointments- Modified Orders