As per the Right to Information Act, 2005, the information seekers shall address the Public Information Officers / Under Secretaries of the Departments concerned for any information relating to the following subjects:

Sl.No. Subject Department concerned Designated Public Information Officer (P.I.O)
1 Rules, notifications, educational qualifications and other eligibility conditions Rules and Notification Department (RND) Under Secretary (RND)
2 Submission of Applications and application related information Application Processing Department (APD) Under Secretary (APD)
3 Question Papers, Answer Keys and other related information Confidential Department (QD) Under Secretary (QD)
4 Valuation of Answer Sheets and other related information Evaluation Department (ED) Under Secretary (ED)
5 Selection to interview posts and other related information Oral Test Department (OTD) Under Secretary (OTD)
6 Selection to Non-interview posts Post Selection Department (PSD) Under Secretary (PSD)
7 Departmental Promotion Departmental Promotion Department (DPD) Under Secretary (DPD)
8 Departmental Examinations Departmental Test Department (DTD) Under Secretary (DTD)
9 Temporary Appointments Temporary Appointments Department (TADA) Under Secretary (TADA)
10 Concurrence Cases relating to Compassionate ground appointments, transfers etc., Concurrence Department (CD) Under Secretary (CD)
11 Disciplinary Cases Disciplinary Cases Department (DCD) Under Secretary (DCD)
12 Establishment matters of Hon’ble Commission, Officers and Staff. Liaison Wing – Visit of Dignitaries. Personnel Department (PD) Under Secretary (PD)
13 All Court cases filed by the Commission / filed against the Commission Legal Cell Department (LCD) Under Secretary (LCD)
14 Monitoring and Co-ordination of all recruitment works, Deputation of Officers and Staff for Inspection Duty. Monitoring and Co-ordination Department (MCD) Under Secretary (MCD)
15 Works pertaining to machineries and vehicles. Maintenance of all machineries and vehicles. Vehicles and Machineries Department (VMD) Under Secretary (VMD)
16 Right to Information Petitions Right to Information Department (RID) Under Secretary (RID)
17 Budget, Reconciliation, All Bills, PD Account Bills and Receipts Department (BRD) Accounts Officer/Assistant Accounts Officer (BRD)
18 Appointment of Chief Invigilators, Securing of Examination Halls, Payment of Advance to Chief Invigilators. Infrastructure Department (ID) Under Secretary (ID)
19 Work pertaining to entire premises of the Office Building, Stationery inclusive of stationery for Computers, Furniture, Fixtures, Telephone, Intercom, etc., Building Maintenance and Furniture Department. (BSFD) Under Secretary (BSFD)
20 Bills received from Chief Invigilators of Examination halls for various examinations. Contingent Bills Department (CBD) Under Secretary (CBD)
21 Printing of answer sheets for objective and descriptive type examinations. Verification and Stationery Department (VSD) Under Secretary (VSD))
22 Maintenance of records, applications, Auction of Waste Paper. Records and Forms Department (RFD) Under Secretary (RFD)
23 Computer Wing of the Commission's Office, assigned with the job of Data Processing of Applications and related works. Computer Processing Department (CPD) Under Secretary (CPD)
24 Receipt of all Tappals, Applications. Tappal Department (TD) Under Secretary (TD)
25 Grievance Petitions from candidates. Grievance Cell (GRC) Under Secretary (GRC)

The Public Information Officers are entrusted with the responsibility of furnishing information to the information-seekers promptly and in required manner without any omission and within the stipulated time of 30 days from the date of receipt of the tappals under the RTI ACT, 2005.

To prefer an appeal on the information received from the Public Information Officer, the information seeker shall address the following Appellate Authority: